High-tech meets high-impact.

We're building purposeful & world-changing tools that also boost your bottom line.

We're building purposeful & world-changing tools that also boost your bottom line.

A new era starts now.

ESG is no longer a top-down, discretionary initiative — it’s a bottom-up imperative for the companies of tomorrow.

With Proof, technology and impact collide to create the opportunities for strategic outperformance that also benefit our planet.

The future of ESG management

Our end-to-end platform is powered by Catalyst™ – our proprietary cloud API infrastructure and data mapping engine – and designed to consistently help you find ways to align your business with both purpose and profit.

Clearing the path forward.

Conscientiously created and intuitively driven, we’ve built the tools to accelerate impact-driven decision-making.

Full Lifecycle Support

Our team is here to support your ESG + Impact journey every step of the way.

Looking for next-level, customized solutions? Let us know! We're here to help your get the most out our tools so you can make the biggest impact possible.

  • Goals + measurements

  • Data config + setup

  • Customized metric sets

  • Analytics + data visualization

  • Customer-driven R&D

  • Pilot Programs

Included Features

  • FeatureCompanyInvestor
  • Self-reported and/or integrated data sources



    Our Data Science team manually confirms each integration has been configured properly so that your organization can ensure it's viewing accurate insights based on dynamic data. *Integrations are available as a moderated add-on.

  • Company-level dashboard



    Shareable digital dashboards allow users to provide stakeholders with real-time insight into their impact efforts and performance.

  • Program-level metric groupings
  • Detailed per-metric analytics



    Comprehensive, granular analytics graphs on a per-metric basis allow for a deeper level of detail. Need a custom view? Work with our R&D team to build out the views you need. *Available as a part of pilot and Proof Labs programs.

  • Upload impact reports
  • Create custom program groupings



    Note: This feature is in closed beta. Contact us to learn more about how to participate in our pilot and/or Proof Labs programs.

  • Digitally request portfolio company data
  • Aggregate-level portfolio dashboard


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