Disruptive blockchain innovation decentralizes finance for good

Blockchain • Enhance Transparency, Reliability, & ESG Performance with Blockchain

Blockchain’s ability to provide auditable, traceable data records makes it an attractive solution for ESG. With a foundation of immutable data covering ESG performance, the blockchain can streamline data collection, verification, and analysis

Blockchain will revolutionize the ESG markets worldwide as accusations involving ‘greenwashing’ and/or the ‘negative’ impact returns of blockchain are essentially eradicated.

Proof of Impact supports innovative organizations that democratize access to blockchains, crypto assets, and distributed ledger technology. The next frontier is technology that will provide transparent access and opportunity to marginalized populations through blockchain and Web3. Projects will now be able to trace and validate the outcome of their investments globally by pinpointing every population/region they reach. Proof of Impact’s platform enables organizations to leverage such outcomes through these solutions:

Supporting Organizations in Navigating the ESG Blockchain Ecosystem

Why Proof?

Track & Report Compliance

Improve Visualization & Communication of ESG Performance

Reduce Costs & Increase Sales 

Automate ESG Strategy Creation

Showcase the social and environmental impact of your blockchain business

Proof of Impact stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling and to help our portfolio companies thrive.

Matt Schaffnit

Director of Operations & Finance, Casper Network


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    Track & Report Compliance

  • 02

    Reduce Costs & Increase Sales 

  • 03

    Improve Visualization & Communication of ESG Performance

  • 04

    Automate ESG Strategy Creation


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