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Everyone deserves the chance to build a better financial future. Instability from the global pandemic highlighted social inequities plaguing international communities. Current global financial systems are struggling to promote financial inclusion and provide equitable access to capital.

Complex regulatory requirements are pressuring financial services organizations to counteract inequitable financial access by providing flexible banking services to all individuals. Organizations must support disproportionally impacted communities in order to achieve long-term economic, social, and environmental impact.

We support organizations whose innovations help people achieve financial health and prosperity.

Why Proof?

Automated ESG Strategy Creation

Real-time Data Feeds 

Improved ESG Performance 

Empower Entrepreneurs & Investors

Data-driven financial services businesses leverage our platform to improve their ESG 

POI helps us understand how far we still are from achieving our goals, but they also encourage the company to reach them. POI has mentored us in many ways and helped us develop clear objectives through the implementation of the dashboard and its KPIs.

Carlos Torres



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    Automated ESG Strategy Creation

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    Real-time Data Feeds 

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    Track and Report Compliance

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    Improved ESG Performance


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