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Healthcare • Effective Data Reporting for Healthcare organizations

As regulatory pressure and healthcare compliance issues increase, healthcare leaders must mitigate social and environmental risks and implement sustainable practices within their businesses.

It is essential that executives focus on building automated data management systems that identify material business risks, surface new expansion opportunities, and showcase their positive contribution to healthcare outcomes.

Primary Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Why Proof?

Working in healthcare, you're already making a big impact.

Let Proof help you make that impact even greater.

Easily measure, understand, and report on key ESG and Impact objectives to your stakeholders.

Purpose-driven healthcare organizations use Proof to unlock insights that drive improved health outcomes.

As a social impact enterprise, it is very important for Karma to track and measure our impact. Impact reporting guides us to ensure that we are on the right track, and make informed decisions. Proof’s IMM solution has helped us keep track of our strengths and weaknesses, which helps us build our future expansion strategies.

Jagdeep Gambhir

Karma Healthcare CEO


  • 01

    Improve visibility

    Providing access to your ESG and Impact insights allows for organization growth powered by trustworthy data.

  • 02

    Reduce costs & increase sales 

    Use real-time data to inform your operational and sales infrastructure.

  • 03

    Track & report compliance 

    Manage required and self-imposed reporting and compliance requirements more easily with automated reporting.

  • 04

    Drive innovation & growth

    Help data drive your organization with transparent, highly available insights.


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