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Already a Proof user? Make the most of your Proof experience by joining our new virtual community.

Users & VIPs can now extend their Proof experience by connecting with an online collective of world-changers.

Want access to community forums, peer chat, exclusive virtual events, proprietary insights, dedicated industry working groups, a library of resources, and more?

Join worldwide impact innovators 🌍

Connect with a global ecosystem of world-changers

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind community of companies & investors, advisors, subject matter experts, guest speakers, and the Proof team of specialists.

Joining our invite-only community allows you to:

  • Connect with fellow investors and entrepreneurs

    Our Proof Sustainability Community connects you with thousands of like-minded sustainability leaders, segmented by industry. Whether your focus is on Financial Inclusion, Regenerative Agriculture, Education, or Private Equity/Venture Capital, you'll find valuable connections.

  • Learn from Proof's ESG + Impact experts

    With decades of combined sustainability expertise, our in-house ESG + Impact specialists have handpicked content to support your organization's sustainability objectives. Access practical guides, checklists, case studies, and more, all designed to help you achieve your impact and financial performance goals.

  • Explore how to attain your company's business and impact goals through ESG + Impact measurement

    Whether you're seeking impact-driven investments, expanding your market presence, or enhancing your performance in key areas, the Proof Sustainability Community is your new dedicated knowledge hub for all things sustainability, ESG and impact. Here, you'll discover the tools and connections needed to achieve your goals through intentional networking and collaborative problem-solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join fellow businesses and experts in exploring ways to bring your impact data to life. Translate your existing efforts into deliverables and decisions with the Proof Sustainability Community.

Have questions about community features, access and/or other feedback? Contact our community support team for assistance.

Who can join the Proof Sustainability Community?
The Proof Sustainability Community is available to all current users and their team members, participants in our Proof Working Groups, as well as other invite-only VIPs such as subject matter experts across a variety of related fields.
How do I join?
Existing Proof users can access the Proof Sustainability Community at any time by visiting or by clicking on the Community icon within our web platform. Don't have a Proof account yet? Get started for free to gain access to our platform and online community.
When will my team get access to the community?
All current users now have access to our Proof Sustainability Community and can freely explore this collaborative virtual ecosystem and library of resources.
How much does it cost?
The Proof Sustainability Community is completely free to existing users and invited participants.
What are the features available within the Proof Sustainability Community?
Our fully online community offers access to community forums, peer chat, exclusive virtual events, proprietary insights, dedicated industry working groups, a library of ESG-focused articles & resources, and more.

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