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Proof Office Hours basics

Fully virtual events

Open to current users & their teams

Free to attend

Proof Office Hours  New Format

Take your Proof experience even further.

Introducing Proof Office Hours — topical webinar-style sessions designed to help our users supercharge their Proof experience. Bring your data to life and extend your efforts into key action steps that go beyond our platform.

Questions about session topics or registration? Reach out to our customer support team.

Who can come to Proof Office Hours?
Sessions are open to all current users and their team members, members of our Proof Working Groups, as well as occasional VIP invitees.
When do Proof Office Hours sessions occur?
Proof Office Hours sessions are generally held on the first Tuesday of every month from 10-11 AM ET and the third Wednesday of every month from 9-10 AM ET (unless this conflicts with a holiday or other scheduled event).
Where do these sessions take place?
Sessions take place in a fully remote online video conference setting (we use Zoom) — all you need is your browser & a stable internet connection.
How much does it cost?
Proof Office Hours are completely free for all active users & their teammates.
How can I sign up to attend?
Find the session you'd like to attend & click the "Register" button to be taken to the registration page to complete signup. Once you've secured your spot, you should receive an automated confirmation message with the event details.

Upcoming Sessions

ESG + Impact

General Session

Join the Proof team, guest experts and fellow users to cover how to extend your platform experience into other key deliverables, decisions and efforts. We will also be reviewing a round-up of recent ESG + Impact news, and each session will conclude with a discussion-based Q&A.

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Hosted by:

Evan Vahouny

Chief Impact Officer


ESG & Beyond: Unlocking Efficiency with Proof's New Impact Reporting Magic!

Join us for an exciting office hours session that will redefine how private companies and investors approach impact reporting! 🌎 Proof is thrilled to unveil our latest feature, revolutionizing ESG reporting and impact measurement in one powerful swoop through one-click impact reports. Discover how Proof not only streamlines your reporting process but also elevates your mission by freeing up valuable team resources. Say goodbye to manual data crunching and hello to impactful storytelling!

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Hosted by:

Evan Vahouny

Chief Impact Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I register for Proof Office Hours?
You can sign up for sessions by clicking the Register Now ↗ button listed above for any upcoming events. Sessions are open to current Proof users, their team members, and invite-only VIPs.

Please note: Registration prior to each session is required to attend.
Is special software or equipment required?
No special software is required to attend Proof Office Hours. These virtual events are conducted via Zoom, so all you need in order to attend is a web browser and stable internet connection.

If preferred, you may download the Zoom app to your device for a streamlined participation experience.
What kinds of topics are typically covered in office hours?
Topics vary based on user and participant feedback, but sessions will generally cover ESG & impact-themed topics that help users extend their Proof platform experience such as impact data collection, measurement, reporting, storytelling, and stakeholder engagement.

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Are office hours live events, or can I access them at a later time?
Sessions are live webinar events, so to participate in the active session you will need to register prior to attending each event.

However, we provide recaps and recordings for prior sessions in the event you are unable to attend live.
Can I interact with the host or ask questions during office hours?
Absolutely! Proof Office Hours are interactive, virtual events designed to help current users extend their platform experience and learn about related topics. Most sessions are structured as a presentation and/or walkthrough as an introduction with a discussion-based Q&A at the conclusion.
How long do office hours typically last?
Proof Office Hours are planned as one-hour sessions, each focused on a specific 'hot' topic in ESG + Impact.

Sessions will include a brief presentation at the beginning followed by open discussion and personalized Q&A (so bring your questions)!
How can I submit an idea for a topic?
Have a suggestion for a specific topic youʼd like to see covered by our team during an upcoming event? Let us know!
Where can I see recaps from previous sessions?
You can find a list of previous sessions with event details above. If recaps and/or recordings are available, they will be linked in the description.

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