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Proof for Sustainability Bonds

How To Leverage Impact Data and Third-Party Validation So Your Sustainable Bonds Attract More ESG-Focused Investors

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Annual and Quarterly Disclosures and Performance Update Reports
Scalable Data Collection
Automated Reporting Aligned with ICMA Principles
Simple Data Access for All Relevant Stakeholders
Use Cases
Easily Support ESG Opinions and ICMA Principles Certifications
Easily Onboard and Collect Data from Underlying Projects and Companies
Access everything you need for Quarterly Performance Reports
Seamless Data Management across all your Stakeholders
Service Adhoc Requests from Investors and Auditors

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The PROOF Impact Protocol 2.0™ is a comprehensive methodology that integrates seamlessly with your existing investment processes. It enables you to:
Identify and quantify the impact potential of investment opportunities during due diligence
Monitor and benchmark the impact performance of your investments across multiple asset classes
Attribute specific impact outcomes to each dollar invested for a clear ROI
Communicate your impact story effectively to stakeholders through robust data and reporting