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Meet the Proof Impact Copilot, your AI-driven Chief Sustainability Officer

Identify your business risks, opportunities, and insights in less than 5 minutes. Boost your financial performance.

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Why Proof?

Stay informed on the highest value topics

Sustainability news and trends, brought to your feed daily and driven by your organization's specific preferences

Receive personalized insights

Bespoke recommendations based on your unique profile, metrics, and objectives

Make impact-led decisions

Turn intelligence into impact by understanding your metrics and associated actions

Identify capital opportunities

Attract and secure funding from mission-aligned investors by highlighting your proven commitment to sustainability

What you can do with the
Proof Impact Copilot

Identify key risks, insights and opportunities

Go beyond generic advice — receive personalized & contextually relevant recommendations based on your unique profile, metrics, and objectives.

Benchmark against your peers

Know where you stand without the guesswork. Compare your performance against industry peers, and identify areas for potential growth.

Make intelligent impact decisions

Proof Impact Copilot helps you better understand your metrics in a human-friendly way and then enables you to act on them effectively.

Highlight your commitment to sustainability

Your dedication to positive change is worth celebrating. Post your Proof Impact Excellence Badge to your website or materials.

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[Proof] provides independent validation of our most important metrics. The difference they make is in measuring the difference we make.
Tom Dretler
CEO & Co-Founder @ Shorelight
[Proof] stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling, and to help our portfolio companies thrive in the complex systems of emerging market, last-mile investing.
Eva Yazhari
General Partner @ Beyond Capital Ventures
[Proof] has helped identify where we are on our ESG journey and thus be able to make with strategic choices aligned to what is important to us to live and achieve our purpose.
Ike Cha
Chairman & CEO @ Lionshare

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