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On-demand impact insights

Meet the data-driven impact intelligence platform

Use sustainability data to outperform the market. Unlock ESG + impact benchmarking, insights and data-driven recommendations.

Personalized impact intelligence

Everything you need to make good business decisions

Raise capital
Provide investors a clear snapshot of your ESG + impact performance to streamline raising capital
Enter new markets
Use sustainability insights to inform how you expand your products & services to new customers
Build brand
Build deeper customer relationships and loyalty through data-driven impact storytelling
Reduce costs
Gain operational efficiency and cut expenses as you improve your sustainability
Unify your impact data
Aggregate and extract sustainability data from multiple sources into a single, unified dataset
Align to industry best practices
Access the leading global frameworks, expert impact measurement practices and metrics

Our Platform

With Proof you can...

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Benchmark Sustainability

Make better sustainability decisions that keep you ahead of the market using real-time social and environmental benchmarks from the largest private company data set available.

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Set your baseline

See where you stand against industry benchmarks. Analyze your impact against your peers.

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Make intelligent impact decisions

Automated recommendations to drive impact and financial outperformance.

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Achieve your goals

Your personalized roadmap to achieve purpose-driven results, complete with all the guidance and materials you need on a single platform.

Why Proof?

Sustainability Experts

Built by sustainability, impact and ESG experts. Rest assured you will have access to all the leading practices, made simple and easy.

Dedicated to your success

Access experts, digital tools and a active community to support you at every step of your sustainability journey.

Security & privacy baked in

We make security and privacy a top priority. Proof is dedicated to keeping your data safe.

Integrations first

Direct data integrations into the leading ERP, CRM and HRIS systems to create a streamlined and automated view of your sustainability.