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Where's your proof?
Proof of

Use sustainability data to outperform the market. Unlock ESG + impact benchmarking, insights and data-driven recommendations.

Personalized impact intelligence
Your Impact Intelligence Platform
Stand Out to Investors
Differentiate yourself as a future-proof fund or investment opportunity
No Data Drudgery
Manage all your impact and ESG data efficiently on one platform. Hassle free.
More Efficient = More Profitable
Identify cost savings and operational efficiencies across your sites, subsidiaries or portfolio.
Capture New Growth
Enter new markets with confidence and leverage sustainability to meet supplier and investor requirements

Our Platform

With Proof you can...

Focus on Growing your Business
Proof gets you ahead of sustainability reporting so you can focus on strategic growth
Set your Baseline
Identify strengths and weaknesses relative to the market so you can plan your improvements
Outcompete your Peers
Support intelligent decision making that will make you more competitive
Gauge the Market
Access private market benchmarks to evaluate whether you are performing better or worse than peers
Leave a Legacy
Achieve your goals and aspirations to leave a lasting legacy for your company and future generations

Why Proof?

Sustainability Specialists

Committed to Your Achievement

Embedded Security & Privacy

Advance Tech-Driven Integrations