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Impact made simple

Investing in the future of Financial Inclusion

Proof & the GIIN have partnered to accelerate the transition to digital data intelligence for investors interested in expanding Financial Inclusion.

We're excited to announce that Proof customers can now access the IRIS+ Core Metric Sets directly within our Metrics Explorer.*
*Available on the Proof Outcomes tier

Used by worldwide impact innovators 🌍

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Percentage of investors using IRIS+ for Impact Measurement & Management
Total market size of impact investing industry
Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of impact investing

Gain access to the GIIN's Financial Services IRIS+ Core Metric Sets on the Proof platform

Financial InclusionImprove access to and use of responsible financial services for historically underserved populations

Measures improvements in financial resilience for clients, such as access to and use of responsible financial services for historically underserved populations.

Financial HealthImprove financial health

Measures increased savings for clients, with the goal to improve overall financial health.

Streamline monitoring and evaluation workflows with Proof & the GIIN

Seamlessly map to industry best practice frameworks

Efficiently map KPIs into industry standards, forgoing the complexity of multiple frameworks.

Efficient digital data collection from portfolio companies

Automated and accessible to all, encouraging high response rates and empowering comprehensive data analysis.

Showcase performance with time series metric visualizations

Gain trust from key stakeholders by demonstrating progress over time, and set realistic goals for the future.

Access to global benchmarks

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your global performance across key metrics and KPIs, facilitating informed and strategic decision-making.

Optimize for both impact & financial performance with Proof and the GIIN

The future leaders of the inclusive finance industry will use granular, interconnected data to create actionable impact intelligence that transforms their community, industry, and our world simultaneously.

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  Creating a world of good

Join worldwide changemakers who are #PoweredByProof.

I like the way that the Proof dashboard captures the data and gives you quick insights on the things we’ve been doing... It’s great to have a tool that automatically analyzes data on the impact of our products.
Patrick Sampao
Chief Product Officer @ Shamba Pride
[Proof] provides independent validation of our most important metrics. The difference they make is in measuring the difference we make.
Tom Dretler
CEO & Co-Founder @ Shorelight
[Proof] stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling, and to help our portfolio companies thrive in the complex systems of emerging market, last-mile investing.
Eva Yazhari
General Partner @ Beyond Capital Ventures

Learn more about IRIS+ Core Metrics Sets

IRIS+ makes it easier for organizations to translate their impact intentions into impact results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Reach out to our sales team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Which metrics are included in the IRIS+ Core Metric Sets?
The Financial Inclusion Core Metric Set includes 17 metrics, as well as 10 optional metrics. You can learn more about the IRIS+ Core Metric Sets on the GIIN website.
Who are these metric sets intended for?
Any financial market participant would benefit from the use of these metric sets, which includes private market investors, founders, & executives.
Can I access the full list IRIS+ metrics in Proof's standard metrics library?
Yes, the Proof platform offers comprehensive framework alignment with the full library of IRIS+ metrics.
Where can I discover how to make best use of the GIIN IRIS+ Core Metrics Sets?
You can learn more about using IRIS+ metrics in the Proof Sustainability Community or by attending a demo provided by the GIIN team.
How can I get pricing information?
Please contact the Proof team to inquire about pricing details.
Where can I learn more about improving my impact and financial performance?
We’re so glad you asked! Check out our Proof Resource Hub or sign up for a Proof account to join the Proof Sustainability Community!